Recharge your batteries from any powered USB port

Technology never remains the same. Until now you may have recharged your batteries with any electronic recharger.

Scan and Save Documents with DocuPen anywhere, anytime

A portable hand-held scanner which operates on rechargeable batteries is capable of storing 100 pages in its memory. Unlike other scanners this DocuPen takes just 4 to 8 seconds to scan per page.

India Ranks at #1 for Spam in Asia

As per the stats from Trend Micro, India now Ranks 1st largest spam sender in Asia. India (4.26 %), China (3.39 %), Republic of Korea (2.57 %) are the Top 3 Spammers in Asia.

Terrorist attacked in several places of Mumbai

[ Thursday, November 27, 2008 | | 2 comments ]
Mumbai attack on 26 Nov 2008Mumbai under Terror attack
Many explosion and firing took place at Colaba, Napansea Road, Vileparle, Santacruz, CST Station (also known as VT Station). So far 100 people died and more than 200 people are injured. Some Policemen are also dead and injured in cross-firing. Grenades were used for explosions and AK-47 by terrorist confirmed by the ACP Devan Bharti.

CST station was evacuated and cordoned off by Mumbai Police. Nobody was allowed to enter. Central railway trains were stopped for several hours. One police officer have seen two people armed with automatic weapons fled between platform Seven and Eight at CST. Gun shootouts were heard.

Mumbai top five star Hotels such as Taj and Oberoi are attacked by terrorist. Oberoi Hotel's lobby is under fire. 6 blast took place in Taj hotel and 2 blast in Oberoi hotel. Hostages takes place in Taj and Oberoi. 100 people are rescued from Taj Hotel but still more are trapped. Terrorist are spread everywhere in Taj and killed many Taj staff members. Army men are called out in Mumbai.

Some Police vans are also used by Terrorist to attack on roads. ATS Chief Hemant Kakare killed in cross firing. Police Encounter Vijay Salaskar and Ashok Kamte shot dead.

School, Colleges are likely to remain shut in Mumbai. People are advised to remain indoors.

See the video below:

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Obama defeated John to win the presidency of United States

[ Wednesday, November 05, 2008 | | 0 comments ]
Barack Obama 2008Obama wins US Election 2008
On Tuesday night Barack Obama the senator of Illinois wins US election. Obama became the 44th president, the first to be called as African-American president of the nation. People celebrated his victory in Grant Park of Chicago.
A news declaring Obama wins:

People celebrating in Chicago's Grant Park:

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Patna youth shot dead in BEST Bus in Kurla

[ Monday, October 27, 2008 | | 0 comments ]
Rahul Raj shot dead in KurlaRaj points a Hand Gun (Photo by AFP)
Sources revealed that youth Rahul Raj was travelling in BEST Bus on Route # 332 which travels in Mumbai from Kurla West - Railway Station to Andheri East - Railway Station (Agarkar Chowk). In morning around 9:45am when the Bus reached Bail Bazaar area in Kurla, this man first fired at the cop near Police Chowkie No.3 from double-decker BEST bus.

I always travel by this Route No.332 towards the journey between my home and office. Thankfully I escaped this firing one hour before today and reached my office safe.

Sources said this man was sitting on the Upper-Decker of the bus, when he strangle with a steel-chain to the conductor who asked him to buy a journey ticket. The bus then was stopped near a Police Station by the bus driver and the cops were called immediately by the conductor.

When the two constables arrived at the spot, they saw the youth carrying a Hand-Gun started firing on air and shouting 'Jai Bihar.., Jai Patna'. More Policemen were called thereafter to handle this situation.

He also threw some currency notes in which he had written his expression to meet the commissioner of Police and wanted to kill Raj Thackeray - the MNS Chief. He was asked to surrender by the cops on loudspeaker in return.

However when the youth ignored the announcement made by the cops and continued firing, the cops too opened fire and he was injured severely with the bullets. Thereafter he was taken to the Hospital at Rajawadi in Ghatkopar but declared dead.
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India Ranks at #1 for Spam in Asia

[ Tuesday, October 21, 2008 | | 2 comments ]
India number in spammingSpam Spam
As per the stats from Trend Micro, India now Ranks 1st largest spam sender in Asia. India (4.26 %), China (3.39 %), Republic of Korea (2.57 %) are the Top 3 Spammers in Asia.

India also Ranks 7th largest in the world. See the below image listing Top spammers in Asia:
India tops in spamming
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Robots in Firefox-3 Welcome Humans

[ Monday, October 20, 2008 | | 0 comments ]
Firefox RobotFirefox Robot
Have you ever seen the Robots in Firefox-3 Welcome Humans. It says they will not hurt any human being and they have a plan. Just type about:robots in the address bar of Firefox-3 and you will be able to see information like below image…

firefox robots

Additionally there is a button with caption saying "Try Again"... If you clicked this button once, it will further say "Please do not press this button again". If you still clicked once more than this button is invisible. Just don't know why did they added this stuff but it was good to see Robot in Firefox 3 welcoming us...
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Is Username Available or Taken?

[ Monday, October 20, 2008 | | 0 comments ]
username existEveryone register themselves on email, social networking sites and other such online services with their Username to Log-in later with password to authenticate these sites. However one cannot register if their Username is already taken away by someone else. Here is now online tool ( which will let you know slew of web-sites to see if the Username you desire to use is whether available to register or already taken.

How it works:
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Type your Username as shown below
Username Check
Step 3: See the results available or taken.
Username available
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Salman's Hello to Katrina

[ Friday, October 03, 2008 | | 1 comments ]
Salman's helloSalman Khan and Katrina Kaif in Atul Agnihotri's upcoming bollywood film "Hello" is based on One Night @ call centre - the famous book of Chetan Bhagat. 7 year old Daughter of Atul said to him "Daddy, read this book. It has God in it." Inspired by the word of daughter and this book he started the 2 year journey that created "Hello".

Atul believes that it could change the course of young Indians' lives. Though the book of Chetan had the same effect, Atul wants to bring up this story to more Indian people and for that, a full on commercial Hindi movie was the perfect solution according to him.Watch Hello Trailer:

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Katrina Akshay once again upsets Salman Khan

[ Tuesday, August 26, 2008 | | 6 comments ]
Salman upset with Katrina and AkshaySalman Khan
The blockbuster pair Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif are in plan for an another Bollywood movie with Vipul Shah. But actor Salman Khan doesn't seems to be happy about them working together once again.

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AutoMax VBA - Guide to Excel VBA and Macro programming

[ Sunday, August 10, 2008 | | 0 comments ]
AutoMax VBA BlogAutoMax VBA Blog

  1. Do you need any help in Excel?
  2. Want to explore many hidden tricks in Excel?
  3. Are you in search of doing some automation in Excel?
  4. Need to fix that macro?
If yes, then you can simply go to my blog: AutoMax VBA - Excelling Ideas!!

Currently I am working in MNC as a VBA Professional since last 3 years. Now I have decided to share my experience to world freely through this blog.

I have just recently began posting on AutoMax VBA - Excelling Ideas!!
The posts which I have started first are basically giving the tricks in macro programming and excel formulas. I will also include many tutorials for VBA, macro and Excel exploring all the possibilities.

I hope you all will enjoy Excelling Ideas here.
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Beware: Big brand institutes gives you a lame class and false promises

[ Monday, August 04, 2008 | | 0 comments ]
Investing half a Lac of Rupees for your career in Computer? Think Twice.
lame computer classComputer Class
I am writing this post to let you know this is a SCAM...they take your hard earned money, give you a lame classes and after completing your course only false promises - no jobs!.

We are definitely in the world of computers age and so it's the necessity for everyone to be a computer literate. You may have got some basic trainings from your siblings, guardians or friends but still not enough to go along-with. A proper education and certification in today's world is the most important criteria in your career field.
Everybody knows these and goes in search for a good computer institute especially one offers nice job guarantee. We get very excited with their many offers attached to the course content like extra free practical hours, free online guide, open projects, affiliation to many big brands to get you dream jobs, personal finance and much more. Remember as old people says... "Do not believe in when too good to be true".

Many big brand institues offer classes even to those peoples who are actually not qualified due to improper knowledge, undergraduate, poor academy skills, lacking with proper talent, bad communication. Institute consellors are quite smart to target these type of students with big talks and false promises in lieu of getting big money easily.

Not all institutes and not all branches of the same brand classes are scamming. However you should do some research of that institute before enrolling for a computer course.

Follow the Tips below:
  • Go for a computer course which is relevant only to your field and not for the latest buzz going around for any unknown course.
  • Check the classes they conduct and class timings.
  • Cross check the progress with earlier students of the same branch.
  • See the specimen copy of certificate they will provide you.
  • See the library and good computers are whether installed.
  • Meet the trainer to know whether he/she is properly literate in the relevant course to train you.
  • Know the job guarantee they offer.

If you are not sure about which course to enroll then I suggest you to have an appointment with the professional career consultant to let you know to choose correct path for your career.

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Scour pays you to Search, Vote and comments

[ Wednesday, July 30, 2008 | | 0 comments ]
paid to google search,yahoo,msn liveScour shows you search results from Google, MSN and Yahoo all together in one. You can swap your results between the three instantly on a click. Users can vote it (up or down) or can also leave a short comment. On top you will be paid for all these stuffs doing with Scour. Isn't interesting?

So What's the catch? Why it is so famous within a short span of time?
Even though Scour launched recently a month ago users liked the result performing and actually pays for searching, voting and posting some comments on their search result page.

I like the idea of searching for the results with all the three top Search Engines simply on one page rather than opening in multiple browser tabs or windows. Excited with the Ajax based feature performing good speed I have integrated Scour Search tool to my Firefox search plug-in.
Hmmm, now why to wait? Lets search with Scour and get paid. Join me to receive bonus.

You will be rewarded Visa Gift card when you earn 6500 points minimum to pay you $25.00 Formula to earn: 1 search = 1 point, 1 vote = 2 points, 1 comment = 3 points. Points cannot be accumulated for same search criteria on the same day. Further you can earn 25% of the points earned by your friends referred.

See this embedded video below...

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499 Rupees Adidas bag did not last even a month

[ Monday, July 28, 2008 | | 2 comments ]
poor quality adidas bagadidas bag
The 499 Rupees adidas bag offered free with Encyclopedia 3 CDs online through IRCTC Special offer did not last even a month. See the below images every week my wife have to stitch around for me on these hard rainy days here in Mumbai.

adidas bag torn

Is these the quality of adidas bag has gone so much down? or the promotion offer of the IRCTC is cheap? Whoever the responsible may be but we are the customers to loose. It seems the promotion offers are made for such damage products or out of date products.

Further the purchased Encyclopedia 3 CDs box pack were found damaged on opening. To more shock still we have to pay their hidden charges for their so said "free exciting holiday package" included in the above offer.

Now I am truly Excited! Lol!!
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Real or Rumor - UFO abducting a cow?

[ Friday, July 25, 2008 | | 1 comments ]
May be hoax but it does seems in the clip here...

The news on TV channels, websites are flashing headlines of spreading news over web for cows are being abducted from rural farms. However is not yet scientifically approved.

Earlier many UFO sightings were proved to be hoaxes.
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Commuters having problems with BEST Buses

[ Wednesday, July 16, 2008 | , | 1 comments ]
Mumbai BEST BusMumbai BEST Bus
BEST Buses in the Mumbai city have undergone many changes since 1947, but commuters are still unhappy. Even though they start early for their daily routines they have to face many situations right from getting in and to getting out of the Bus. Because of increased traffics day-by-day the Buses are late and comes with crowd of commuters traveling.

The daily problem Mumbaikar faces..
  1. One cannot expect to get BEST bus from the stop which is not their starting point. Buses are driven away without looking at the commuters standing on the Bus Stop.
  2. Conductors do not co-operate to handle the commuters to get in the Bus with Queue. Bells are ringed and Buses are taken away from the stop without minding the fellow or Pregnant commuters boarding at the same time.
  3. crowded BEST BusMumbai Crowded BEST Bus
  4. Conductors and Drivers are having foul mouth of words. There is no decency or politeness while talking to lady or fellow commuters.
  5. Drivers do not mind to halt Bus at the stop safely. Buses are driven away without one completely gets down.
  6. BEST Bus drivers usually are rough drivers and harasses the small vehicles on the road.
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Miss Universe 2008 goes to Ms. Dayana Mendoza

[ Tuesday, July 15, 2008 | , | 0 comments ]
dayana mendozarMs. Dayana Mendoza
Miss Dayana Mendoza, age 22 years, was crowned by 2007 year’s winner Ms.Riyo Mori (Japan).

Around 1 billon viewers watched the 2 hour show for 80 contestants participating throughtout the world. The contestant competed into 3 categories: swim-suit, evening-gown and personality-interview.

Ms.Simran Kaur Mundi of India didn't even qualify for Top 15. India, where are the beauties with brain? The last Top 5 qualifiers: Ms Colombia, Ms Venezuela, Ms Dominican Republic, Ms Mexico and Ms Russia.

Top 5 Miss Universe 2008Top 5 in Miss Universe 2008

Results as below:
Miss Universe 2008: Ms Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela)
1st Runner up: Ms Taliana Vargas (Columbia)
2nd Runner up: Ms Marianne Cruz (Dominican Republic)
3rd Runner up: Ms Vera Krasova (Russia)
4th Runner up: Ms Elisa Najera (Mexico)

2nd year in a row the Miss USA has tripped up during the show:

Some of the World's most beautiful women at Vietnam:
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Now 'Bank@Home' with ICICI Bank

[ Monday, July 14, 2008 | | 0 comments ]
bank @ homeBank@Home

Do not want to go to your Bank?

Relax. Now there is no need to break your daily routine for your banking.

You can deposit, withdraw cash, request for picking-up your cheque or to deliver your Demand Draft / Pay Order at the convenient of your home or office with addresses recorded in ICICI Bank.

You can request for this service 24*7 for the same day or the next working day. For the same day, request should be placed up to 2:00 pm. You are charged at Rs.50/- plus service tax applicable per transaction.

This service is available at select locations
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